2015 AGM readies Ottawa West-Nepean for a new year

Our Annual General Meeting was held this past Sunday, November 29 at the Ukrainian Hall. Many party supporters and volunteers from the recent federal election were in attendance, as well as members of the riding executive.

The meeting was a joint one of the Federal and Provincial Ottawa West-Nepean Riding Associations. Business of the meeting included reports on Federal and Provincial finances as well as reports from the president and membership secretary. Even though the Federal association is still finalizing the books on the recent Federal campaign, and the latest provincial campaign was just last year, both associations are free of debt and have sufficient money in the bank to keep them operational. Fundraising is always a priority, though, to pay for a campaign in the next provincial election expected in the spring of 2018 and a federal campaign the year after.

There was also a short discussion of the upcoming Federal Convention, which we were informed will be held in Edmonton on April 8 to 10, 2016. One of the first orders of business of the new executive will be to organize a general meeting of the riding association so that delegates can be selected and resolutions put forward for the convention.

Oliver Kent, president of the Eastern Ontario Provincial Council of the NDP as well as the Federal Ottawa Centre NDP Riding Association, was on hand to preside over the main order of business which was the election of the riding executives for the upcoming year. The key positions of the executive are largely unchanged from the previous executive.

  • Marlene Rivier continues on as President
  • Alex Cullen remains on as Vice-President
  • Dan O’Hagan is Federal Financial Agent
  • Jim Patterson is Provincial Chief Financial Officer
  • Laura Lozanski is Recording Secretary
  • Karen Hill replaces Shelley Rivier as Membership Secretary

The executive also includes a Youth Representative, federal and provincial Women’s Representatives and Volunteer Coordinators, two Provincial Council Delegates and nine members-at-large. The full executive is available on our web site here.


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