Help ensure Trudeau’s electoral reform doesn’t favour the Liberals

Fair Vote Canada holding meeting about electoral reform

  • Date: Monday, May 2.
  • Time: Doors open at 6:30 PM, event starts at 7 PM.
  • Where: Tom Brown Arena, 141 Bayview Rd.
  • Speakers include: NDP MP Nathan Cullen

Canadian elections have always used an electoral system known as “first past the post” (FPTP). Whichever candidate wins the most votes, wins the seat. It seems fair on the surface, but FPTP often awards majority governments to parties that have not won a majority of the votes. In other words, FPTP can leave more than half of Canadian voters without any meaningful representation in Parliament.

A growing number of Canadians are demanding that we reform our electoral system and Justin Trudeau won much support by promising that 2015’s federal election would be the last to use first past the post.

But what Trudeau didn’t say was what electoral system he’d propose in the place of first past the post.

There are a surprising number of alternatives to FPTP, some of which can be just as unfair as FPTP. In fact, a recent analysis commissioned by The Broadbent Institute indicates that at least one of the options would have yielded Trudeau’s Liberals an even stronger majority, even though they only won 40 per cent of the votes.

To hear about more about fair electoral reform, and how the NDP and Conservative critics plan to keep Liberal government accountable as their voting reform initiative goes forward, the public is invited to attends the AGM of Fair Vote Canada on Monday, May 2. NDP MP Nathan Cullen will be among the speakers.

“Let’s build a politically legitimate reform movement that works for all parties and Canadians,” says the invitation to the event.

The AGM is open to the public and you are welcome to bring friends and family. Admission to the AGM is free. Donations are appreciated and will go to the National Capital Region Chapter of Fair Vote Canada (

Membership is necessary to vote in elections or on motions ($10 first-year memberships and $25 membership renewals will be available at the meeting).

Elections for positions on the Chapter Executive will be held. RSVP: or on Facebook at

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